Joey Branham

Joey is an 8-year old boy from Lodi, OH who suffers from hypothalamic pilocytic astrocytoma – a rare cancer that creates a number of physical issues for those impacted and, in Joey’s case, has also caused blindness.
Currently, Joey is in the process of receiving his second round of chemotherapy and undergoing clinical trials in hopes of finding a cure for this rare disease. These trials are in Cincinnati and, as a result, Joey and his family have a significant amount of medical bills, they have to make a number of trips south, spending time in hotels and hospitals, adding wear and tear to the family car – never mind the stress associated with dealing with his symptoms.
The Trinity Rose Foundation will be working with Joey and his family as, with your help, we provide relief for their past medical bills and also provide the family with access to auto service maintenance to help manage the wear and tear on the family vehicle.

Asia Quinones-Evans

Asia recently lost her sight when tumors related to the Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome put significant stress on Asia’s optic nerves. Asia is a 17 year-old high school student who has always been an active participant in athletics and loves the outdoors. She has participated in track and wrestling. Unfortunately, VHL syndrome and the tumors associated with it took all of Asia’s vision in September, 2014. She currently attends Lorain Senior High School and is on track to graduate in January.
Asia and her family are still figuring out how to grapple with her vision loss but, she has made it clear that she desires to be completely independent. With that desire comes the effort to learn Braille, use new technologies and channel all of these coming experiences to achieve that independence. Asia had wished to join the armed services, but she understands now that college may need to be a part of her plan in order to achieve her ultimate goal of working for the CIA.
With your support, the Trinity Rose Foundation is able to provide Asia with a computer, JAWS For Windows (an application is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen either with a text-to-speech output or by a Refreshable Braille display), a TypeAbility interactive keyboard and BraillePen Touch which provides Braille read/write access to Asia’s mobile phone.

Zumyah Thorpe

Kim Maruna, a vision and mobility coach for many visually impaired children in NE Ohio, reached out to the foundation to let us know about a new student of hers. Here is Kim’s introduction of Zumyah to us:
“Zumyah is a beautiful 6th grade child who lost her vision as a consequence of a horrific accident that claimed the life of her pregnant mother and sister 2 years ago when a drunk driver struck her mother’s car. Zumyah spent over a month in a coma and when she did come out of her coma, it was found that she lost her vision due to the trauma to her brain in the accident.
Zumyah now lives with her grandparents after having lost her mother. She is a most incredible child who has endured much and triumphed in ways unimaginable. She is most inspirational and a true privilege to work with. I have worked with her since she returned to school from her rehabilitation from the accident.”
Zumyah’s story made national headlines this past summer when Bruno Mars invited her to his concert. If you would like to know more about her and her story, google “Bruno Mars and blind Cleveland girl.” The video tells her story and what Bruno Mars did for her. Her story also aired on WKYC, Today, and CNN, but YouTube tells it the best. Her family has endured much and her grandparents do all they can for her as Zumyah has had many needs.
With your support, the Trinity Rose Foundation is able to provide Zumyah with a Mountbatton Writer and Learning System and an iPad which helps students who are learning to read and write Braille with the technology to become Braille literate in a fun and inclusive manner.