As a parent, you typically find yourself concerned when your child has a high fever or the flu.

Nothing, however, prepares you when you find out that your child has an illness that will impact them for a lifetime. Eleven years ago, a specialist told us that our youngest child, Trinity Rose, was born completely blind and they were going to do everything they could to try to save her sight.

Within days, we were sitting in the waiting room with people from, quite literally, all over the world. All of them were there hoping to better the lives of their children. On that day, we decided that we would try to do something to help families going through what we were experiencing.

Today, 11 years later, the Trinity Rose Foundation has already helped dozens of families. From our hometown in Ohio, to families in New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – even children in India and Australia, we rely on those interested in helping others to help us.

Well over 90% of all donations to the Trinity Rose Foundation goes directly to fund our threefold mission:

  • Provide financial aid for families with children that are blind or suffering from severe vision issues
  • Fund medical research to find a cure
  • Provide educational resources and opportunities to communicate with others going through similar situations

Thank you for your interest in the Trinity Rose Foundation. To learn more about us, please feel free to contact us at rich@trinityrose.org or stacy@trinityrose.org.

If you wish to donate to our efforts, please click the button below.

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